ATC's People's Choice Award


ATC's People's Choice Awards allow attendees to have the opportunity to engage in providing feedback on plenary abstracts and have a new way to view and learn about content. At the end of each daily Plenary Session, attendees will vote on which Plenary Abstract is the MOST impactful to the Transplant Community.  A daily winner will be selected.

The daily winner will then present in the final session, ATC’s People’s Choice Award Session, taking place on Wednesday, June 5, 10:15 am – 11:15 am.

The final session presentation will be 10 minutes to present the following 4 slides:

  • Disclosure Slide
  • Summary Slide
  • How impactful your science is to the transplant community
  • Where will the science be in 10 years

Panelists will ask each presenter questions.

Attendees will make the final vote on the ATC’s People’s Choice Award Winner on our ATC 2019 Mobile App.

The winner will receive complimentary registration and 3 nights hotel to the ATC 2020 Congress.

Please ensure you or another author on your abstract is able to stay to the end of the Congress on Wednesday, June 5th should your abstract be selected to present in the final session on Wednesday.