Digital Branding

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Digital Banners - $20,000 each

ATC Website - Rotating Digital Banner

This digital banner is displayed on the homepage of the ATC website.  All traffic for Virtual Connect is driven through the ATC website and your banner will be visible to all attendees and potential attendees!  There are only 5 slots available, reserve your spot today!

ATC Virtual Connect Platform - Digital Banner 

This digital banner will be displayed within the Virtual Connect platform. There will be various location options within the platform.  Attendees will have access to view your banner throughout not only the live broadcast, but throughout the entire year.

ATC Website Roadblocks - $15,000   

Your company branding will display as a “Pop-Up” on the ATC homepage when attendees visit the website. The roadblock will display for 2 weeks on the ATC website and will pop up a maximum of 2 times per week for those who visit the ATC site more than once in that time frame.