Satellite Symposia

Showcase Your Company with a Satellite Symposia

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All applications must be submitted by April 2, 2021.

A Satellite Symposia is great opportunity to reach the entire ATC Virtual Connect audience of medical professionals.

ATC Virtual Connect will offer Satellite Symposia programs to our partners. Time and available space may limit the number of symposia accepted.  There is no guarantee any company will be given their first choice of date.  Every effort will be made to accommodate on a first-request basis.  Please note: ATC prohibits satellite symposia during scheduled scientific sessions.  Symposia, or any portion of them, including question-and-answer sessions, may only be held during the designated hour. 

Specific rules and regulations apply to satellite symposia.  ATC does not guarantee attendance.  Attendance is dependent upon date, time, topic, and the marketing efforts set forth by the sponsoring company. 

Fees & Availability

Satellite Symposia- $65,000

Saturday, June 5 – Tuesday, June 8, 2021
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

2021 Benefits

  • Provide your company with a platform to reach the ATC audience as you would have in person by holding Virtual Satellite Symposium during the Live Broadcasted Virtual Connect event.
  • Your company will have the choice to pre-record with ATC Virtual Connect production assistance or to pre-record with your own production team and submit to the Virtual Connect platform.* 
  • After the live broadcast, the symposium recording will be housed for an entire year for attendees to view on demand (the posting will be available until next year’s Congress).
  • Specific details on the broadcast timeline, presentation logistics and approvals will be sent in the coming weeks.
  • Companies will have the ability to promote their broadcast to pre-registered attendees via a one-time promotional use agreement.**

*All pre-recorded presentations must be be completed and uploaded to the ATC Virtual Connect platform by Friday, May 14, 2021.

**Communication must be approved by ATC prior to sending.

Rules, Terms & Conditions


ATC prohibits any company who is not an official virtual sponsor lounge participant of ATC to host a satellite symposia.


Date assignments will be confirmed in March 2021. 


ATC reserves the right to review all symposium applications and promotional materials and to reject topics, formats or materials deemed inappropriate.  All promotional and marketing materials must be approved by ATC prior to distribution.  It is the sole responsibility of the sponsor to work with ATC to receive approval of materials. Approval from ATC Staff does not constitute an endorsement of the program or its contents by ATC, ASTS or AST. 

Services Provided by ATC Staff

The following services are provided by ATC at no additional cost:

  • Work closely with applicants regarding their satellite symposium and meeting requirements.
  • Assign appropriate space, day, time and designate hotel contact.
  • Provide one complimentary one-time use of the pre-registration mailing list to promote the symposium.
  • Symposium listing on the ATC website.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

  • All Marketing and printed material related to the symposium must be in receipt of written authorization from ATC prior to final production and distribution. PDF files may be submiteed via email for this purpose and are preferred. Review and approval by ATC will be within an appropriate timeframe, but not less than three business days.
  • The names, logos and acronyms fo the American Transplant Congress, American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplantation are the exclusive property of each society. They may not be used in any way, for any purpose, or any time without the express written permission and apporval of the ATC and the individual society.  The following language must appear on all materials produced in association with the symposium including emails, websites, flyers, marketing/advertising and enduring products, post meeting materials and articales inteded to be publishes after ATC: "This symposium is not part of the ATC official educational program and the sessions and content are not endorsed by ATC."

Printed and Published Materials

Content and Use of the ATC Name and Logo
  • All advertisements, promotions or invitations for the symposium must include the following statement: “This symposium is not part of the ATC official educational program and the sessions and content are not endorsed by ATC.”  This statement must appear on the cover/front page of any copy using at least 12 pt. font size. 
  • The ATC logo or name may not be used in any promotions, advertisements, meeting materials or correspondence related to the program.  All printed and published materials must bear the following information: Sponsored by......; Supported by....., or Coordinated by.......
  • The ATC logo or name may not be used in any promotions, advertisements, meeting materials, or correspondence related to the program. 
  • All promotional items MUST be approved by ATC staff prior to production.
  • All industry sponsors/supporters must be listed on all printed and published materials.  

Violations and Sanctions

ATC, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke privileges for future programs of any sponsoring organization, supporting organization, or activing organizer involved in planning a satellite activity that does not comply with the rules and requirements set forth in this policy.

Cancelation Policy 

ATC must be notified promptly in writing of the cancellation of any scheduled satellite event 30 days in advance or sooner if possible. No refunds will be issued for cancelled events.
In the event of cancellation, ATC will not be responsible for canceling any arrangements that may have been made by the Organizer in connection with the proposed event. In addition, ATC will not be responsible for any penalties and/or costs incurred for the cancelled event. Non-refunded program fees cannot be transferred for another use within ATC for any reason.


  • ATC is not responsible for unsatisfactory attendance and/or marketing of satellite symposia.
  • The opinions presented at the satellite symposia are solely those of the speaker and the commercial supporter. They do not represent the opinion of the ATC/ASTS/ AST.
  • ATC does not provide CME credit for these programs.
  •  ATC reserves the right to have an ATC staff member or volunteer onsite to monitor the scope and contact of your symposium.

Promotion and Marketing Assistance

Promotional Services

The following services are provided by ATC at no additional cost:

ATC Website

  • ATC will publicize approved satellite symposia on the ATC Web site prior to Congress upon receipt of full payment, and full program information such as the program title and agenda. This will be posted in a special location dedicated to these events. It will not be included in the actual program of the ATC.    

Mailing List

  • The Organizer is offered a one-time use of the ATC pre-registration list for a pre-approved mailing piece.  The pre-registration list will be available on or around May 4, 2021. Design and production are the responsibility of symposium organizer. The list will include email addresses of those attendees who have approved the distribution of their email address. Note: attendees have the option to “opt out” of distribution of their email; we cannot guarantee the email addresses of all ATC attendees.